Aria X Brutale 2 


         First, our apologizes for not returning everyone's inquiries and calls. As anyone presently looking for or researching the breed knows, the demand for quality Cane Corso puppies far out weighs the supply and this has created a volume of Emails, calls, PM's and DM's that was impossible for us to respond to.

To add to the frustration, our vet was out with COVID over Thanksgiving Day weekend  preventing the pregnancy confirmation and then a breeched puppy requiring a C section over Christmas weekend, things got hectic to say the least, and didn't go as normally scheduled.

But the puppies are here, healthy and  exactly what we expected of this repeat breeding of Aria and Brutale - confident rock solid temperaments, large square heads, heavy bone, solid conformation and beautiful coats.

At this time the litter is four weeks old and starting to develop their personalities and temperaments. As they continue to develop we will be looking at the traits of each puppy before placing them with their new families.  Based on the last two breedings that have already produced temperament titled AKC Champions, we will be looking for the Conformation/Performance pups and making them available to select owners with previous experience in conformation or sports. Companion puppies will also be available to those with previous Cane Corso or large/dominate dog experience.

Thank you for your patience.